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    Welcome to my personal site.

I started writing on a small scale in the early 70’s.  Then in 2006 I took my writing seriously and started the Eagle Bear series.  I didn’t stop writing until I had nine unedited books in my small collection.

In 2010 it was mentioned to me to try and get my books published.  It sounded like good advice so I went to work editing my books over and over until I felt they were ready for the book market.

I decided to go with EBook publishing.  I found Smashwords.com to be the best place to start by being a self publisher.  They were a great help in getting my first EBook ready for the market.  Finally in 2012 Eagle Bear was ready for the public to read for only $4.99.

The second EBook of the Eagle Bear series called Eagle Bear Meets Buffalo Man was listed for only $4.99.

This being my first time creating my own website I will be adding things as I go along.  Advice and help will be received with gratitude

I will be starting my own blog here on this site.  Please fill out the form below if you would like for me to contact you in regards to my ebooks listed on this site or future releases.

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